2nd Pacific Seafood & Technology Exposition 2019

The Pacific region is home to some of the finest catch of reef fish, lobsters, shrimp, crabs and an array of other exotic seafood right from the pristine clear waters of the region. It is also the heart of the global tuna industry holding more than 50% of the global tuna catches.

The National Fisheries Authority of Papua New Guinea and INFOFISH, a service orientated intergovernmental organization based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is proud to announce the 2nd PACIFIC SEAFOOD AND TECHNOLOGY EXPOSITION 2018 which will take place from 12-14 September 19 in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

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Both, domestic visitor and international visitor will attend the Pacific Seafood & Technology Exposition 2019. A lot of interesting trade activities are organized for the visitors. The show is great for seafood buyers / users, traders, domestic fishing businesses, government & others. It is especially designed for fisheries processors, distribution enterprises, hotels, restaurants, food service facilities, department stores, and other industry sectors. The seafood event will help in the growth as well as development of the Industry Sectors.


Increase your sales in the global seafood market. More than 800 buyers, suppliers, media and other seafood professionals from 58 countries attended the Expo in 2017. Exhibit in 2019 to promote and sell your seafood products, processing equipment and services to leading buyers from around the world.




2nd Pacific Seafood & Technology Exposition 2019

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